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Few hours anytime spent at our Bliss Laser & Medical Beauty Clinic is time spent in heaven!

Bliss Laser and Medical Beauty Clinic prioritizes the needs of its Milton Ontario clients. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance at our Skin Rejuvenation and Treatment clinic. We use the latest technology to provide clients with a blissful experience and desirable results. Bliss Laser and Medical Beauty Clinic is the place to be to find relaxation and great comfort. Treatments include the non-surgical face lift, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, collagen reneal, anti aging treatments, acne clearance, face contouring, body contouring, Bliss Neo-Revive, as well as treatments for acne, rosacea, scars, and pigmented lesions.

Bliss Laser and Medical beauty Clinic uses Medical device that treats four layers of skin, for complete anti-aging, fat reduction and body contouring results. With this device all facial and body parts are improved and rejuvenated. Facial results are remarkable - for both anti aging and skin texture improvement. Many successful cases have shown significant wrinkle reduction, lax skin tightening, reduced acne scars and improvement of other facial imperfections. Dramatic body results including fat reduction, cellulite treatment, improvement of stretch marks, reduction of body scars and a decrease in circumference. Procedures are virtually painless and require minimal down time. Patients can return to their daily routine shortly after treatment. Trilopo - used on body to clear released fat and on the face to lift the SMAS ( Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System ).

Trifractional - Advanced fractional resurfacing. Treatment Benefits: Wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, lifting, toning and firming of muscles, long lasting fat reduction and circumference reduction, cellulite reduction, Detoxification and improved drainage, enhanced blood circulation and oxygenation.

The treatments are safe, painless and non invasive, quick walk - in - walk out procedures, suitable for all skin types and colours, long term efficacy, clinically proven, minimal downtime and remarkable results. Only at Bliss Laser and Medical Beauty Clinic.

Oxy Geneo 3-in-1-super-Facial resurfaces the skin & is suitable for ages 18 and onwards. Treatments are provided with different hand-pieces each designed to treat a specific area of the body. Furthermore, the hand pieces are suitable for all skin types. Clients find themselves rejuvenated and immensely content once they have received treatments at our clinic. In addition, clients are provided with healthy and quick results, and there is no down time. All treatments are provided by an experienced certified professional who takes great care in ensuring the clients receive the best of what the world of medical esthetics has to offer.

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